What is HTTP DELETE (DELETE method)? Describes the basic concepts of HTTP request methods

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What is HTTP DELETE (DELETE method)? Describes the basic concepts of HTTP request methods


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used for communication between a client and a server on the World Wide Web. It defines a set of request methods that indicate the desired action to be performed on a resource. One of these methods is the DELETE method, which is used to request the removal of a specified resource.

Understanding HTTP DELETE

The DELETE method, as the name suggests, is used to delete a specified resource on the server. It is an idempotent method, meaning that the result of performing the same delete operation multiple times should be the same as performing it just once. The server should process the request and remove the resource if it exists.


To initiate a DELETE request, the client sends an HTTP request to the server containing the request line, headers, and an optional message body. The request line includes the method (DELETE), the URL of the resource to be deleted, and the HTTP version.

When the server receives a DELETE request, it processes it by identifying the resource specified in the URL. If the resource exists, the server removes it from the system. The server then returns a response to the client indicating the status of the delete operation.

Use Cases

The DELETE method is commonly used in various scenarios, such as deleting a file on a server, removing a user account, or deleting a record from a database. It provides a standardized way for clients to request the deletion of a resource from the server.

Best Practices and Considerations

When using the DELETE method, it is essential to consider the implications of deleting a resource. The server should properly authenticate the request and only allow authorized users to perform deletion operations. Additionally, it is advised to handle error cases gracefully and provide meaningful error responses to clients.


In summary, the DELETE method is a fundamental HTTP request method used to request the deletion of a specified resource on a server. It plays a crucial role in the web development process, providing a standardized way to delete resources. By understanding the basic concepts of HTTP request methods like DELETE, developers can build robust and reliable systems for handling resource deletion operations.

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