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What is ICCID: IC Card IDentifier?

ICCID, or Integrated Circuit Card Identifier, is a unique identification number assigned to SIM cards used in mobile communication devices. It is a fundamental component of SIM card technology and plays a crucial role in the operation of mobile networks.

ICCID is a 19- to 20-digit number that consists of three parts: the industry identifier, issuer identifier, and individual account identification. Each of these parts carries specific information that helps identify the SIM card and its associated network.

The industry identifier, also known as the MII (Major Industry Identifier), is the first digit of the ICCID. It indicates the type of industry that issued the SIM card, such as telecommunications or banking.

The issuer identifier is the next set of digits following the industry identifier. It represents the identification number of the organization or company that issued the SIM card. This number allows mobile network operators to keep track of the SIM cards they distribute.

The individual account identification is the remaining set of digits in the ICCID. This part uniquely identifies each SIM card within the network. It helps differentiate SIM cards and allows the network to associate specific services and capabilities with each card.

ICCID serves several important purposes in the mobile network ecosystem. It enables mobile network operators to track and manage SIM cards, ensuring proper billing, authentication, and network connectivity. ICCID is also used for activating and registering the SIM card on the network, as well as for troubleshooting and network diagnostics.

Furthermore, ICCID plays a crucial role in SIM card swapping, where users can switch between devices while still retaining their phone number and network services. When a SIM card is inserted into a new device, the ICCID is read and used to identify the subscriber’s account and associated services.

In summary, ICCID is the unique identification number assigned to SIM cards and is essential for the proper functioning of mobile networks. It enables network operators to track, manage, and authenticate SIM cards, as well as facilitate device switching and network connectivity. Understanding the basics of ICCID is vital for anyone involved in mobile communication technology.

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