Association of Radio Industries and Businesses What is ARIB? – Easy-to-understand explanations of the basic concepts that support the evolution of communication technology

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What is ARIB? – Easy-to-understand explanations of the basic concepts that support the evolution of communication technology


In the ever-evolving world of communication technology, there are several organizations that play a vital role in setting standards and promoting efficient communication. One such organization is the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses, commonly known as ARIB. In this blog post, we will delve into the basic concepts behind ARIB and explore its significance in the communication technology industry.

Understanding ARIB

ARIB, established in 1978, is an association that represents the interests of various companies engaged in the production and sale of radio communication equipment in Japan. Its principal objective is to create and maintain technical standards to ensure interoperability and efficient communication among different devices.

ARIB’s Contributions

ARIB has been instrumental in developing and promoting the use of various communication technologies. Some of its notable contributions include:

1. Setting Technical Standards: ARIB has developed a range of technical standards that govern different aspects of communication technology, such as digital TV broadcasting, satellite communication, mobile communication, and wireless LAN. These standards ensure compatibility and interoperability between different manufacturers and service providers.

2. Research and Development: ARIB invests significant resources in research and development activities to further the advancement of communication technology. By fostering innovation and collaboration among industry players, ARIB fuels progress in areas like 5G networks, IoT (Internet of Things), and future communication technologies.

3. Policy Advocacy: ARIB represents the interests of its member companies in regulatory and policy-making processes. It actively engages with government bodies and institutions to shape communication technology policies that foster fair competition, ensure consumer protection, and promote the growth of the industry.


ARIB’s role in setting technical standards and promoting the advancement of communication technology cannot be understated. With its expertise and contributions, ARIB plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication and standardization in the industry. As technology evolves, ARIB continues to adapt and contribute to the growth and progress of communication technology, making it a key driving force in the industry.

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