What is shortened URL (short URL)? Explain convenient ways to express web links

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What is a shortened URL?

A shortened URL, also known as a short URL, is a compact version of a web link that replaces the original long URL with a shorter one. This is done using a URL shortening service, which takes a long URL and generates a unique, shortened link.

The purpose of using shortened URLs is to make long, complex links more manageable, easier to share, and more visually appealing. Instead of sharing a lengthy URL that may be difficult to read and remember, a shortened URL provides a concise and memorable alternative.

Convenient ways to express web links

1. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have character limitations for posts, making it crucial to use shortened URLs. By using a shortened link, you can save space and convey your message more effectively within the limited character count.


Check out the latest deals on our website: [shortened URL]

2. Printed Materials

When it comes to printed materials such as business cards, brochures, or flyers, it is essential to keep the design clean and clutter-free. Including long URLs can make the material look cluttered and unprofessional. By using a shortened URL, you can maintain a clean design while still directing people to the desired web page.


For more information, visit our website: [shortened URL]

3. Offline Conversations

When discussing a website or particular webpage with someone during an offline conversation, sharing a long URL can be cumbersome and prone to errors. By using a shortened URL, you can quickly convey the website’s address and make it easier for the person to remember or type when they have access to a device.


Have you checked out our blog? You can find it at [shortened URL].

4. Mobile Messaging

In mobile messaging applications, the limited screen space and character limit make it challenging to share long URLs. By using a shortened URL, you can ensure that the entire link fits within the message, making it easier for the recipient to open the webpage directly from the message.


Here’s the article I mentioned earlier: [shortened URL].

Overall, the convenience of shortened URLs lies in their ability to make long web links more manageable and user-friendly, regardless of the platform or medium in which they are shared.

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